The 5-Day Clean Promise.

You may be asking yourself: What does a
5-Day Clean” really mean? Well, to start off, nature is incredibly powerful!

We all know now that natural probiotics are healthy for us (cue the yogurt commercial or the stocked shelves of kombucha), but these supercharged microorganisms can do so much more than just support our gut.

The Pre + Probiotics used in Clean Habits products are the good bacteria that eliminate the bad living on the surfaces of our homes. Unlike harsh chemicals, which dissipate shortly after application, our synbiotic natural defenders continue fighting the good fight for up to 5 days after application.

Plus, they are nana-grade safe. That means non-toxic to us, our families, our fur babies, and the environment. No more blocking off the kitchen from Fido and the toddler. Say hello to a worry-free, Clean Habits life!

Prebiotics AND Probiotics

The only products using both pre & probiotics in one.

Yes, there are other brands utilizing the incredible cleaning capabilities of our Probiotic friends, but Clean Habits is the only cleaning brand that has called in the calvary of their Prebiotic besties. Think of the Prebiotics as the support system for your Probiotic defenders. The “Pre” microorganisms nurture the “Pro,” so together they can last longer, delve deeper, and neutralize any germs that threaten your clean!

Our revolutionary, 100% natural synbiotic technology guarantees that each clean is the longest-lasting, deepest clean you can get.

What’s In A Drop?

Nana-Grade Safe, Scientist-Approved:
Patented Synbiotic Germ-Fighting Technology

Each drop of a Clean Habits product is packed with our safe Pre & Probiotic helpers working in tandem to defend against the invisible threats lurking in the crevices of our homes. Since we’ve incorporated Prebiotics into our formula, the bad bacteria-fighting good guys, Probiotics, can now last a full workweek so that you can go longer without cleaning!

The natural ingredients within Clean Habits products are powerful but only against bad germs. Unlike the toxic chemicals of other cleaners, like chlorine bleach and ammonia, which can leave you coughing, itching, and wheezing after each use, our bio-happy products are completely safe. With no chemical irritants to worry about, your whole family (pets included) can roam-free on cleaning day!


What is Synbio?

No other cleaning product on the market can make the promises our patented Synbio Technology® can.

Synbio is the patented technology that makes your Clean Habits products the most effective and longest-lasting cleaning solution on the market. By its definition, Synbio backs up the powerful germ-fighting capabilities of probiotics with the supportive powers of prebiotics, combining them to make products that clean deeper for longer, in a microbially healthy way.

Nature by design fills any unclaimed space. When harsh chemicals are used to clean areas, they create a vacuum, inviting more bad germs to replace the old. The probiotics within Clean Habits products not only conquer germs but also fill the space left behind. With the help of the prebiotics, they can defend your surfaces for up to five full days!

Our Story


When a global pandemic turned the world upside down in 2020, suddenly keeping things spick-and-span wasn't just a good idea—it was an essential survival tactic. That's when our Clean Habits founder, Kristy Phillips, really started paying attention to not just the importance of cleanliness, but what she was cleaning with.

Like all of us, Kristy scrambled to find ways to keep her place clean without drowning it in chemicals and coughing her way through chore day. Plus, she had her furry friends to think about, too. She wanted something natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and harm-free—a tall order for any product! So when a friend mentioned a new cleaning technology from Europe—Synbio Technology—that uses probiotics and prebiotics, Kristy was all ears.

"Probiotics for cleaning? Isn't that just for your gut?"

She was skeptical but wanted to see firsthand just how it worked. Armed with bacteria test strips, she did a demo of Synbio Clean. With a taped-off section of her countertops, one side got the usual bleach treatment and other disinfecting product tests, while the other side got hit with the Synbio cleaning spray. After five minutes, both sides had only 10 different types of minor bacteria left. But as time went on, the side cleaned with bleach and chemicals had bacteria bouncing back with a vengeance, while the Synbio side stayed squeaky clean in an almost unbelievable way.

Kristy was floored! She tested it every day for five days, and sure enough, the Synbio side stayed fresh as a daisy with minimal bacteria levels. Within 24 hours, the chemical cleaner side was back up to its original levels of 600-700 different bacteria strains, while the Synbio side stayed under 30 strains, a hospital-grade clean level for 5 full days! That's when she knew this was the real deal.

Kristy dove into the scientific research to confirm her findings. She decided she had to bring Synbio to the US. Kristy knew this was a product everyone needed in their lives. And just like that, the Clean Habits brand was born.

It’s no longer just about cleanliness—it’s about maintaining a stable, hygienic state of “clean” over time. Kristy's commitment to science and sustainability has paved the way for the first of many microbial home defense cleaning products. She and her team are nearing completion of a full line of formidable products that harness the safe power of natural prebiotics and probiotics to protect the environments every family inhabits. As Kristy puts it, "Our pro in cleaning is biotics, and the cons can keep their chemicals, because the future I see is naturally clean."